In our effort to continuously look at the needs of our students and our community, Desa School of Karate is proud to offer full day PD Day and week long camps. We understand that Covid-19 has had an impact on everyone over the last few months which is why we feel our camps are needed now more than ever. We have adapted our camps to address the situation at hand so that parents won't have to worry while their children have fun. We are following public health measures, practicing social distancing, and have implemented increased hygiene measures.

One on one training with my daughter helped her a ton to have more confidence. I noticed that after the camps she was excited to do her karate training more now. She does it everywhere she goes now thanks to the boys.!!!!

Amanda Onushko

Our boys had so much fun; they really wanted to do more than one week but it didn't work with our schedule. Mathew and Noah were both amazing with the kids. They were creative and energetic. I know I've already expressed my gratitude in person but I'll say it again; you truly went above any expectations in taking care of our boys for the week. Thank you so much.

Michelle Keller

We only enrolled in the SPARQ camp this summer but Matthew loved it so much that he wished it was another week! That says alot about the camp leaders!

Kristen Maclock


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